himalayas economy britannica himalayas himalayas economy economic conditions in the himalayas partly depend on the limited resources available in different parts of that vast region of varied ecological zones the principal activity is animal husbandry but forestry trade and tourism are also important the himalayas abound in economic resources those include pockets of rich arable land extensive grasslands and

snelling district mrds 10310680 au commodity info the gold varies from pinpoint size to small flakes and averages about 890 in fineness platinum and silver are also present dredge recoveries ranged from 010 to 030 of gold per cubic yard with the average close to 010 ore materials native gold native platinum

little squaw creek ardf ch039 au in 2003 little squaw gold mining company estimated that little squaw creek has proven resources of 39875 cubic yards of material with an average grade of 0016 ounce of gold per cubic yard a probable resource of 50000 cubic yards with an average grade of 0028 ounce of gold per cubic yard and a possible resource of 12030 cubic yards with

big sky country sapphire visiting montana’s alluvial aug 11 2017 · sapphire gulch material with a size range of 18 inch to 1 inch also goes through the washing plant at eureka gulch figure 15 sapphire concentrates extracted from the jigs are then sorted by hand the washing plant’s capacity is about 50–60 cubic yards 38–46 cubic meters per hour

minfile record summary minfile mineral inventory the basalmost 1metre interval sampled from the 18metrethick older gravel layer yielded a highgrade gold concentration equivalent to 59 grams per tonne or grams per cubic yard

little squaw gold mining company form 10ksb auriferous said of a substance or mineralbearing deposit that contains gold bank measure bank cubic yard the measurement of material in place such as gravel in a deposit before excavation in placer work values are normally reported as dollars and cents per cubic yard and unless specified otherwise this

interpreting panconcentrate analyses of stream that 001 ppm of gold is equivalent to about 1 cent per cubic yard of sand and gravel and is below the limit of detection by common analytical methods obviously a fairly consistent field recognition of such low go 1 d values gives useful information on the spot conclusions the consistency of replicate an a

pdf mercury contamination from historical gold mining in gold deposits were either hardrock lode goldquartz veins or placer alluvial unconsolidated gravels underground methods adits and shafts were used to mine hardrock gold deposits

heavy mineral sands in vohemar madagascar a poor man’s may 12 2018 · our conclusions from that one was that access was too poor and the overburden was too thick 2030 ft for such low grade gold 37g per cubic yard